How Big was the Global Illicit Tobacco Trade Problem in 2006?

This fact sheet, released in February 2008 discusses the global illicit tobacco trade in 2006.

The summary findings of the fact sheet are that;

  • Approximately 5 767 billion cigarettes were sold globally in 2006.
  • Based on the most recent data, it is estimated that the global illicit cigarette trade was 10.7% of total sales, or 600 billion cigarettes, in 2006.
  • Losses of revenue from illicit tobacco trade could represent a loss to government revenue of $US 40 to 50 billion annually.

The fact sheet covers the following areas;

  • The different types of illicit tobacco trade;
  • Estimates of cigarette smuggling;
  • Cigarette sales in 2006;
  • Recent estimates of the illicit tobacco trade; and
  • The losses in government revenue.

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