INB3 Fact Sheet: New report on saving revenue and lives

The most authoritative report yet produced on the extent of the global illicit trade in cigarettes has been published, in time to inform discussions on the illicit trade protocol at INB3. The report includes:

  • Updated country level estimates of the illicit cigarette market around the world, using 2007 data or as close to 2007 as available;
  • Evidence that higher income countries, where cigarettes are more expensive, have lower levels of cigarette smuggling than lower income countries, contrary to the tobacco industry claim that the overall level of smuggling is dependent on cigarette price;
  • Evidence that the burden of cigarette smuggling falls disproportionately on low and middle income countries, where the majority of the world’s tobacco users live; and
  • Estimates of the number of lives that would be saved and revenue gained globally in the future if smuggling was eliminated.

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