Keep Tobacco Money Out of the ILO!

Tobacco products kill 8 million people annually. Last year, the ILO rightly chose to not renew its cooperation with Japan Tobacco International and the ECLT Foundation (an organisation exclusively financed and controlled by tobacco companies).

Tobacco industry CSR activities undermine progress on health and development and stifle the ability of tobacco workers to express their freedom to associate and bargain collectively.

During its upcoming technical meeting, taking place on 3-5 July 2019 in Kampala (Uganda), the ILO needs to take ambitious steps to address the severe decent work deficits in the tobacco sector without accepting funds from the very companies that are responsible for the current hardships.

The recommended outcomes for the upcoming technical meeting are to:

  1. Prioritize improving the bargaining position and living conditions of farmers and their families and take all necessary steps to fulfil the decision to not renew industry cooperation.
  2. Secure and ensure the ability for tobacco workers to express their freedom to associate and bargain collectively by prioritizing policies, partnerships, and programs that are free from the vested and corruptive role of the tobacco corporations that undermine the workers and public health.
  3. Stop the ability for tobacco companies to abuse Corporate Social Responsibility activities that ultimately paint the corporations in a positive light, while allowing countries, workers, and citizens to bear the economic, public health, and development costs associated with its business.
  4. Urge the ILO to secure alternative funding to support tobacco workers and farmers that does not include any tobacco industry money directly or via front groups.

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