“The harvest is in my blood”: Hazardous child labour in tobacco farming in Indionesia

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: (1) Child workers in the tobacco industry are exposed to significant health and safety risks; (2) Authorities should prohibit children should from working directly with tobacco; (3) Tobacco companies should end child labour on tobacco farms, which means improving their human rights due diligence procedures
Key facts and stats: Because children’s brains and bodies are still developing and growing, they are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of exposure to toxins and the health risks associated with tobacco farming
Notes: (1) Includes personal stories and experiences, from both child workers and their families; (2) Some children need to work in tobacco farming to help pay for school expenses, so improving access to education could reduce child labour to a certain extent
Main focus: Child labour
Other topics addressed: Farming; poverty; tobacco industry
Source: Human Rights Watch
Year: 2016

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