The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control – An accelerator for sustainable development

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: (1) Promote tobacco control as part of SDG implementation, (2) invest in building capacity to pursue Rec 1, (3) identify tobacco control opponents, (4) invest in new mechanisms & technologies to enhance tobacco control

Key facts and stats: “WHO FCTC implemenation interacts positively with 67 targets (35 enabling, 30 reinforcing and 2 indivisible), neutrally with 99 targets (99 consistent) and negatively with only 3 targets (3 constraining).”

Notes: Pages 19-26 provide explicit links between tobacco control and achieving specific SDGs

Main focus: SDGs

Other topics addressed: NCDs; taxation; gender; costing; partnerships; youth; poverty; hunger; education; water; inequality; employment; cities; consumption; climate; environment

Source: UNDP

Year: 2017

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