Tobacco and its environmental impact – an overview

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: Tobacco is not only a health threat, but also a threat to human development in general because of its negative impacts on economic stability, fod secirty, gender equality, and the environment
Key facts and stats: (1) In 2012, tobacco leaf farming took up 4.3 million hectares of agricultural land around the world; (2) 90% of tobacco farming takes place in low-income countries; (3) Tobacco farmers and harvesters are at risk of nicotine and pesticide poisoning; (4) In one year, tobacco smoke produces thousands of metric tonnes of carcinogens, toxicants, and greenhouse gases
Notes: Because tobacco companies self-report the environmental impact of manufacturing and transporting tobacco products, there is little reliable data available
Main focus: Environment
Other topics addressed: Farming; deforestation; waste; economic cost; pollution; poverty
Source: WHO
Year: 2017

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