Tobacco: Antisocial, Unfair, Harmful to the Environment

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: (1) Tobacco consumption and production, as well as working with the tobacco industry, negatively impact sustainable development; (2) Supportive alternative livelihoods to tobacco farming will decrease poverty and hunger; (3) ODA can be used to successfully support the phasing our of tobacco farming and supporting alternative livelihoods
Key facts and stats: (1) Roughly 6 billion industrially produced ciagrettes are consumed globally each year; (2) Farmers in the LMICs generate more than 90% of raw tobacco production, totaling 7.5 million tons annually; (3)
Main focus: SDGs; sustainable development
Other topics addressed: poverty; inequality; environment; education; gender equality; farming
Source: Bread for the World,, and the German NGO Forum on Environment and Development
Year: 2015

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