Tobacco growing and the sustainable development goals, Malawi

Key findings, arguments and recommendations: Tobacco control policies can help countries meet many of the SDGs. For example, providing support for alternative livelihoods for tobacco farmers would help a country meet SDGs 2 (food security & sustainable agriculture), 12 (sustainable consumption & production), and 15 (deforestation & land degredation).
Key facts and stats: (1) Tobacco cultivation leads to large-scale environmental degradation; (2) Tobacco farmers absorb as much nicotine as in 50 cigarettes in one day [cited from McKnight & Spiller 2005]
Notes: Per the paper, “The SDGs offer an opportunity for LMICs that are dependent on tobacco production and that are not yet parties to the Convention, to reconsider joining the FCTC.”
Main focus: SDGs
Other topics addressed: Farming; environment; poverty; FCTC
Source: Article in Bulletin of the WHO
Year: 2017

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