Review of Mechanisms of Assistance

02 Mar 2012

The success of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’s (FCTC) ultimately lies in its implementation. When Parties acknowledge difficulties in putting effective measures in place, the international community should assist them.

The Conference of the Parties’ ongoing performance review of existing mechanisms of assistance is critical to understanding, assessing and addressing the crisis hindering implementation of the Convention. 

FCA is offering five suggestions to ensure that this review is successful, and to improve how assistance is provided to FCTC Parties:

1.    Make the review of implementation assistance a priority for the inter sessional work of the FCTC Bureau;
2.    Invite all relevant stakeholders to join the review process, including interested Parties and civil society;
3.    Focus on ongoing needs assessments and other assistance activities in 2011 and 2012;
4.    Expand the work and assess emerging trends and other opportunities to provide sustainable resources for FCTC implementation; and
5.    Generate solutions and actionable recommendations to be discussed at COP5.

Read the full paper, Review on Mechanisms of Assistance in: English, French, Spanish

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