Global and national reports

15 Jan 2012

Global shadow reports

While developing our global 2011 Tobacco Watch report, we worked with experts to create sound data-gathering methodologies that allowed us to track and compare how the FCTC was implemented over time among various countries. During the Fourth Conference of the Parties (COP-4) in Uruguay in November 2010, we released the first issue of Tobacco Watch.

This first issue focused on the first 49 Parties to ratify the FCTC and on three key Articles of the Convention:
1. Article 8 (smoke-free air)
2. Article 11 (package warnings)
3. Article 13 (tobacco marketing)

In 2011 the second issue of Tobacco Watch expanded on:

• Article 6 (taxation)
• Article 5.3 (industry interference)

National shadow reports

We also support national shadow reporting. National reports aim to bolster the efforts of tobacco control advocates in various countries. Those advocates gather data and are responsible for producing a final report. FCA then supports their campaign and media strategy around that report.

In 2010, FCA provided national reporting grants to 12 NGO partners from low and middle income countries in all six WHO regions. The reports were designed to achieve substantial results, and NGOs were encouraged to get creative. For example, Coalition for a Tobacco Free Palau, in the Pacific Islands, used its grant to produce a TV public service announcement (PSA) that urged citizens to pressure the government to implement the FCTC.

See Palau’s PSA and other 2010 national shadow reports

In 2011, FCA will support approximately 10 national reports from among the countries included in the global report.

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