Smokefree air law enforcement guide available

01 Apr 2009

Report's cover.A smokefree future is becoming a closer reality as countries, provinces and cities throughout the world pass and implement strong smokefree air laws.

The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is helping the rapid spread of these laws, and as more jurisdictions pass strong laws, most find that enforcement is not too difficult.

However, effective law enforcement requires preparation, coordination, and adequate resources. In response, the Global Smokefree Partnership has released a guide called “Smokefree Air Law Enforcement – Lessons from the Field”.

The guide is a comprehensive package of inspection and enforcement strategies, protocols, and lessons learned from countries and sub-national jurisdictions that have successfully implemented smokefree policies.

It is intended for tobacco control advocates, enforcement personnel and policymakers engaged in enforcement efforts in their countries. The guide provides evidence and best practices from existing jurisdictions that can inform the development of strategies and campaigns for the effective implementation and enforcement of smokefree policies.

The guide also includes an annex with links to key materials and resources focused on enforcement from countries around the world.

Download the guide:Smokefree Air Law Enforcement – Lessons from the Field. [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 630.89 KB]

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