South Africa kicks World Cup butt

14 Jun 2010

Football is kicking butt at this year’s World Cup in South Africa.

That’s cigarette butts; as all stadium stands and areas around the pitch are smoke-free thanks to the International Federation of Association Football’s (FIFA) move to enforce a smoke-free ban.

Smoking is also banned on all public transport so people cannot smoke while travelling to and from the venues (if by public transport).

The South African government initiated the smoke-free ban, which is igniting other tobacco-free plans throughout the country.

South Africa is also planning to prevent smoking outside in public places while the National Council Against Smoking is lobbying to make all sporting facilities smoke-free in South Africa.

The South African government sees FIFA’s smoke-free move as a step in the right direction towards making the country’s stadiums healthier, cleaner and more family friendly.

South Africa is not the first country to go smoke-free during FIFA’s World Cup. In 2002 the World Cup, help in Korea and Japan, kicked off on World No Tobacco Day and was officially smoke-free.

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