Sri Lanka adopts huge picture warnings

05 Oct 2012

The president of the Sri Lanka National Federation of Smoking and Health, Olcott Gunasekera, said that while the current law prohibits the sale of tobacco products to people under 21, the new warnings will help create greater awareness of the dangers of smoking.

“The warnings will also become a powerful tool for children to convince their parents to stop smoking,” said Olcott.

He hopes the new regulation will inspire other countries, especially in the South Asia region, to follow suit.

The Tobacco Products (Labelling and Packaging) Regulation was officially published in the Government of Sri Lanka Gazette on 8 August 2012. It should come into operation three months from the date of publication.

“It will be a tremendous success if we see cigarette packs with health warnings on 8 November 2012, because the industry will have ingenious ways of delaying this from happening,” Olcott said.

“Civil society and tobacco control campaigners need to stay focussed and positive to ensure the regulation gets implemented,” he added.

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