This year to focus on lungs

04 Feb 2010

This year is Year of the Lung (YOL), which aims to raise awareness about lung health among the public, initiate action in communities worldwide and advocate for resources to combat lung disease.

According to the YOL organizers, the European Respiratory Society and the Forum of International Respiratory Societies, hundreds of millions of people suffer every day from lung diseases, which cause almost 20 per cent of all deaths worldwide.

The five biggest lung diseases are lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary, pneumonia, tuberculosis and asthma. 

According to the organizers, increased awareness about lung diseases is vital because they are killing more people every year and account for a huge socioeconomic burden due to health care costs and lost working days.

Lung cancer is still the largest cause of death from all cancers. It is the leading cause of cancer and is likely to increase faster than many other types because of the accompanying upsurge of smoking, particularly in low and middle income countries. 

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