UPDATE 2: 2014 tobacco control ‘hotspots’

27 Aug 2014

You’ll notice additions, and deletions, from our original list and our first update. Let us know if we should make other changes.


The government faces a challenge from Philip Morris Asia to its plain packaging of tobacco products. The company claims the law violates an investment agreement between Hong Kong (its base) and Australia. Another challenge has been launched at the World Trade Organization. Read our article


The good news is that in August the State of Sao Paolo fined Philip Morris International for marking tobacco to kids via its Be Marlboro campaign. This was in response to a counter-campaign by CTFK, FCA and others. (See Germany entry below).

On the negative side, a challenge from the National Confederation of Industries has delayed the coming into force of a ban on tobacco additives. It was supposed to apply from September, 2013. Read our article.



Philip Morris International is challenging a ban on its Be Marlboro campaign. Authorities outlawed it for illegally encouraging young people, ages 14-21, to smoke. 

Read about the action, led by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, to end the Be Marlboro campaign. 



Campaigners forced the cancellation of a tobacco fair planned for Bali in February (see our article). The government continues to delay ratifying the FCTC, but did implement pictorial warnings on tobacco packages in July. 


Ireland, Republic of

The tobacco industry launched a strong misinformation campaign after the government started a process to introduce plain packaging. Read our article.


Along with Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe: tobacco-producing countries that will be quick to react to the report of the FCTC Article 17&18 working group on sustainable alternatives to tobacco production.

Read our fact sheet on the FCTC and tobacco farming


The FCTC Conference of the Parties will be held here, 13-18 October, 2014. FCA’s web page for COP6.

New Zealand

Plain packaging legislation has been introduced in Parliament. Read our article.


Nigeria and Uganda

Intense debates continue in both countries over proposed tobacco control legislation.

Read how advocates are countering tobacco industry interference in Uganda


Victory! Singapore

World Tobacco Asia was scheduled to be held in Singapore in November, but after opposition the industry cancelled the event. Earlier this year advocates forced the cancellation of Inter-tabac ASIA in Indonesia. (See above).

Earlier this year Singapore hosted talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed free trade deal that threatens tobacco control. Read our article.

Victory! Sri Lanka

The tobacco industry’s various court challenges to new graphic health warnings ran their course. The result? Packages must have warnings covering 60 percent of surfaces as of 1 Jan. 2015. Read our article.

Victory! Thailand

Big Tobacco suffered another court defeat in June. The decision means Thailand can go ahead with implementation of the world’s largest pack warnings, covering 85 percent of pack surfaces.


The government is considering introducing plain packaging. Read our article.

UN Headquarters

At the follow-up to 2011’s NCD Summit on 10-11 July UN Member States reiterated support for accelerated FCTC implementation. Read our article.


The government continues to fight a trade dispute with Philip Morris International at the World Bank. Read our article.

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Looking for some good news? Check out our Orchids section for global tobacco control success stories.

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