Ukraine legislation already reducing smoking

28 Jun 2013


The hospitality industry also gained from the legislation with Ukraine restaurants hitting record profitability in a similar period, according to a restaurant consulting company report. While the department also reported employment in the whole hospitality industry grew by 4.5% and the average salary grew by 14% during the first quarter of 2013.

Head of Ukraine’s Ministry of Health Tobacco Control Department Konstantin Krasovskii said that during the six months no restaurant or bar in Ukraine said that they had to close due to the smoking ban.

LIFE’s Andrii Skipalskyi said that Ukrainians are smoking less thanks to the legislation that was enacted 16 December 2012.

“The risk of passive smoking for Ukrainians, especially waiters and bartenders has also decreased and I think it is the best investment in the whole health care system,” Skipalskyi said.

“Smoke free laws save lives!”

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