Welcome new FCA Board members!

15 Dec 2011

Candidates for each position were nominated by their affiliated organisation during the nomination phase. During the election, FCA members were granted the opportunity, via a secure online voting site, to select one representative for the EURO and WPRO regions and for the At-Large seat.
In accordance with election rules, only organisations that are members of the FCA – otherwise non-governmental organisations – were eligible, and each was entitled to one vote. Individual members of the Alliance were not eligible to vote in the general assembly.

AFRO Dr. Ebeh Kodjo Fabrice
AMRO Paula Johns


Fouad Fouad

EURO Prof. Elif Dagli
SEARO Shoba John
WPRO Dr. Ulysses Dorotheo
AT-LARGE Cornel Radu
AT-LARGE Melodie Tilson
AT-LARGE Luk Joosens

About 16 per cent of eligible member organisations took part in the vote. In compliance with election rules, a minimum 10 per cent voter turnout is required.
The FCA membership elected diverse Board members, all of whom have substantial experience as advocates and a high level of commitment to tobacco control.
The elected officials will serve for a three-year term on the Board.  
The new composition of the Board of Directors of the FCA is as shown in the table.

The next FCA Board election will be held in December 2012. In that election the following three seats will be contested: one At-Large seat and the positions for the AMRO and SEARO regions.

The FCA Articles of Incorporation provides that the Board of Directors shall meet and elect its own officers. The result of the election is not therefore indicative of whom becomes an officer on the Board of Directors.

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