WNTD Get Active

15 Apr 2013

Get active during World No Tobacco Day with the following events and actvities, planned by FCA members and others.

African (AFRO) region

  • Nigeria (ERA/Friends of the Earth Nigeria) – Roundtable w/ 10 orgs & press conference with 20 media outlets to call for an end to tobacco industry circumvention of TAPS ban. 
  • Nigeria (Youth Action on Tobacco Control and Health, Ibadan) – Press conference and youth seminar. 
  • Kenya (Consumer Information Network (Kenya) – Presentation of a memorandum on the need for the new administration to support a comprehensive TAPS ban; followed by a press conference.
  • Ghana (Vision for Alternative Development (Ghana) – Press conference with Min. of Health, WHO, etc, to publicise violations of TAPS ban & to call for a law to prevent tobacco industry interference in the Tobacco Control Act.
  • Zambia (Zambian Consumer Association) – Stakeholders forum/panel discussion on TAPS bans in Zambia preceeded by a workshop for 15 editors on tobacco industry interference.
  • Tanzania (Tanzania Tobacco Control Forum (TTCF) – Press conference and live TV program leading up to WNTD; public rally with primary, secondary, and university students and adults on WNTD.
  • Cameroon (La Coalition Camerounaise Contre le Tabac) – Press conference and private dinner with members of parliament to educate on TAPS and to call for support for a comprehensive tobacco control law.
  • Togo (ANCE Togo/ATCA) – Press conference with local NGOs and the local WHO office.
  • Senegal: Sign the petition for a strong tobacco control law in Senegal (in French only)

Americas (AMRO) region

  • Jamaica (Jamaica Heart Foundation/Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control) – Press conference, radio broadcast, and a 3-page spread in the national paper.
  • Barbados (Healthy Caribbean Coalition) – Advocacy letters to policymakers of multiple Caribbean nations calling for comprehensive TAPS bans.
  • Guatemala (One Voice Against Cancer) is creating a media campaign, I am successful and I don’t smoke, which will appear in traditional and social media.
  • Uruguay: World #NoTobacco Day: Lessons to achieve a smoke-free world (Spanish version)

Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO) region

  • Pakistan (Coalition for Tobacco Control – Pakistan)56 activities in 30 cities including a 150-foot banner displaying signatures of people from all four provinces demanding effective enforcement  of tobacco control policies in Pakistan in front of Parliament House.

European (EURO) region

  • Georgia (Tobacco Control Alliance/FCTC Implementation & Monitoring Center of Georgia) – Press conference with Ministry of Health on tobacco industry violations and interference in public health policy, with emphasis on TAPS bans.
  • Poland (Polish Society for Health Programs) – Press conference and release of report on tobacco industry sponsorship tactics; with MANKO Association and other smoke-free orgs, WHO regional office & Ministry of Health.
  • Ukraine (Center-LIFE) – An event to spotlight illegal point of sale advertising and tobacco industry attempts to undermine the TAPS ban.

South-East Asian (SEARO) region

  • India (Asha Parivar) – Youth summer training camp on advocacy & monitoring: will document violations & hold a press event around WNTD.
  • Vietnam (HealthBridge) – Journalist training to engage editors and international wire services in tobacco control in order to publicise call to implement a comprehensive TAPS ban.

Western Pacific (WPRO) region

  • Japan (Japan Society for Tobacco Control) – Awards to films that do not have smoking scenes and “dirty ashtrays” to films that do.
  • Philippines (Health Justice) – Advocate for closing loopholes that permit corporate social responsibility & advertising at points of sale.
  • Solomon Islands (Global Youth) – Partnering with Ministry of Health and local health task force for a press conference and related activities.

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