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29 Apr 2013

Help yourself to the various World No Tobacco Day 2013 advocacy tools on offer:

* Why ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship? (FCA fact sheet)

It is clear that in countries with weak regulation, tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship reach a very high proportion of people. For example according to the 2011 National Adult Tobacco Survey of Cambodia, 80 percent of respondents had seen tobacco advertising in the past months.

Download the factsheet in:

* Lessons learned and best practices in banning tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship
(FCA fact sheet)

Partial  bans  will  simply  result  in  the  tobacco  industry  shifting resources  to  non-banned  TAPS.  Adopt a comprehensive  ban  on all  direct and indirect forms of tobacco advertising,  promotion  and sponsorship.

 Download the factsheet in:

* Tobacco industry relentlessly undermining advertising bans 
(‘Swiss cheese’ press release for your use)

Fill in the highlighted sections with your information and send the press release to local and national media

 Download and adapt the press release in:

* Tobacco company corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes
(Factsheet by Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids)

Article 13 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) requires Parties to implement and enforce a comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, including a complete ban on corporate social responsibility (CSR). While tobacco companies claim to engage in CSR activities to be good corporate citizens, the true goals of industry-sponsored programs are to boost profits, build goodwill with policymakers and the public, counter negative attention surrounding its deadly products, and defuse opposition from tobacco control advocates.

Download the factsheet in:

* Status of implementation of WHO FCTC Article 13 (banning tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship) in the South-East Asian region.
(Report by Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance, SEATCA)

This publication provides the implementation status of the WHO FCTC Article 13 in the ASEAN region. See how your country fares, and take action now! Download the full report.

* Advertising at point-of-sale gone berserk
(Report by SEATCA).
With tobacco advertising and promotions either totally or partially banned in the mass media in almost all countries in Southeast Asia, the tobacco industry has shifted its focus to marketing at point-of-sale (check-out counters) by displaying cigarette packs or cartons. Download the full report

* ITC Brazil Report on TAPS (tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship)
. By The ITC Project.

The Report finds that incomplete and poorly enforced bans on TAPS mean that nearly a quarter of Brazilians still see marketing messages from tobacco companies at point-of-sale (PoS) displays, through corporate social responsibility initiatives run by the industry, on tobacco product packaging and in TV shows and films. Download the report.

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